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Become a Qualified LGV/ HGV Driver

LGV Driver Training

Obtain your LGV / HGV licence and become qualified HGV driver

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Professional HGV Training

The LGV & HGV is a growing industry where there's space for professional and skilled drivers only. With experienced and determined instructors driving a lorry, bus, coach or a forklift has become much easier and beneficial. Train for a better tomorrow with our partner HGV training school and provide your family with the security of a better life.

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Pass First Time With Our LGV/ HGV Driver Training

There are very few places and schools which provide you with an intensive and precise training when it comes to LGV training. Our experienced HGV instructors have been contributing in making each and every one of our students into skilled and effective drivers. We offer complete theoretical and practical training so you can qualify for your LGV HGV licence and start your career smoothly and properly. We feel honoured to be able to cater our students and focus on each one of them individually so there are no mistakes made during the test or the training. So secure your future and train today.

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Train To Become a PCV Bus Driver

If you are great with people and have good communication skills then let us polish them for you and make them even better. PCV bus driving is all about interacting with the passengers and ensuring the safety of everyone on board. It takes more than just good driving to become a PCV bus or coach driver. We train you to obtain your Cat D licence and secure a career as a professional bus driver in this industry with our PCV bus training and guarantee a fruitful career for yourself in the future.

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Prepare for your Career as a Forklift Operator

So many industries around the UK are facing shortage of experienced forklift operators who can do the job effectively. Many untrained forklift operators have caused havoc among employers and their businesses. Let us take control of your forklift training so you eliminate all chances of life threatening mistakes that can ruin your career and your employers business both at the same time. There are forklift operator jobs that pay experienced forklift operators up to £25,000 per annum. There are high chances that with our training and your determination you find success in various industries.


Fully financed options subject to status. From as little as £25 per month.

CAT C Licence

LGV CAT C Licence

If you are thinking to make a career in driving vehicles up to 7500kgs then prepare with us to pass your CAT C licence with good points.

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CAT C+E Licence

Make the right choice by choosing us for your training and qualification through which you will be able to qualify for your CAT C+E Licence in a more conventional way.

CAT C1+E License

CAT C1+E License

Looking to drive larger vehicles than your regular car or towing trailers? Let us teach you everything about it so you can qualify for your CAT C1+E license.

CAT D License

CAT D License

Want to drive a PCV bus or a Coach? Opt to get a CAT D licence with our intensive bus driver training through experienced trainers.